Time To Dive Into Birch Juice Skincare Facts

Time To Dive Into Birch Juice Skincare Facts


Time To Dive Into Birch Juice Skincare Facts : Let’s dig deeper into why this is an all-star Korean skincare ingredient. Birch Juice has been christened as “Coconut Water for Skin”, rich in minerals and sugars that help retain moisture and maintain the skin’s oil-moisture balance, like the almighty coconut water.


Birch Juice is yet another ingredient put under the spotlight. It strengthens the skin’s barrier and improves skin texture, all essential for healthy skin. The Korean skincare industry has trusted Birch Juice by substituting it for water.


Birch Juice contains vitamin B3, popularly known as niacinamide, which helps brighten dull skin and stimulate cell turnover. It is harvested in early spring as the Birch trees store nutrients later released into their sap during winter.


But regarding Korean skincare, birch sap is most famous for its healing and anti-ageing virtues. It can significantly reduce acne if used consistently, as it purifies the skin over time.


Commonly known as Birch Tree Sap or Birch Tree water, it is extracted from the tree barks like Maple syrup is extracted from Maple trees. Its molecules are smaller, making it easily absorbable and thus increasing its moisturizing effect. Now you know why Koreans swear by Birch Juice for glowing skin.


What is Birch Juice in Korean Skincare? This sap or juice is then infused into skincare to soothe inflamed skin, moisturize it, and purify it.


Leaves can be used to make Birch Juice, too. The birch juice sap is infused in skincare or oral products for active ingredient action. Buds are used for essential oils.

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