6 Foods And Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy

6 Foods And Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy

6 Foods And Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy : Some pointers to keep in mind while following a proper diet during pregnancy:

Home-cooked Food

Avoid consuming food from outside as you are unaware of what ingredients are included and how it may cause indigestion sometimes. Avoid consuming raw papaya and pineapple as they contain papein, which can cause vaginal contractions.

Acidity And Heartburn

Avoid huge gaps between meals, as it can cause Acidity, discomfort, and heartburn. Due to the increased demand for nutrients during pregnancy, it is essential to ensure those nutrients stunted growth disabilities in the baby.

Gestational Diabetes

Avoid consuming sweets very often, as one of the causes of gestational diabetes is the consumption of vast amounts of sweets.

Caffeinated Beverages

Avoid consuming Caffeinated beverages during pregnancy. This includes caffeinated beverages, including energy drinks and chocolates with high caffeine

Spicy Foods

Consumption of spicy foods can cause acidity in a few mothers. Hence, it is advised to keep the spice level of your foods moderate. Avoid sea fishes as they contain mercury and can be toxic to the body.


Only eat what your body can take or vice versa. Pregnancy is different for each person. You do not have to force yourself to eat for two.

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