Can Massaging The Ear Help With Active Acne?

Can Massaging The Ear Help With Active Acne?

Can Massaging The Ear Help With Active Acne? : Massaging any part of the body is a great way to unwind after a long day of work. Imagine how relaxed you feel when, after sitting in front of your system for an entire day, you get home and someone massages your back and legs; you feel the tension leaving your body. There are certain pressure points in the body that bring about relief when they are rubbed. They can take care of the stress knots and make you feel refreshed. The ear is said to be one such point.

According to, ear massage or ‘ear reflexology’ — also known as ‘auriculotherapy’ — relieves stress by stimulating ear pressure points, producing the following benefits: improved skin quality, nerve sensations that resonate through the body, a feeling of happiness from transmitting positive endorphins, enhanced immune system from stimulating the senses, relaxing sensations.

The blog further mentions that ear massage is “incredibly powerful”, because the ear has a great number of nerve endings, specifically the ear lobes, and since they are made up of tissue rather than cartilage, they have a large blood supply. Through massage, the blood supply can be “manipulated for the benefit of the whole body”.

Coming to the point of improved skin quality, it is a known fact that adult acne is caused by poor lifestyle choices. Sumedha, a certified face yoga and yoga coach explains in one of her Instagram videos that the ear is a “complete microsystem”. “On the external ear, there are acupuncture points that correspond to every part of the body, making it a self-contained system of treatment within the whole body.”

The expert states that when you massage your ears regularly it also helps with hormonal and endocrine imbalances, and with mental-emotional conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety. All of these can potentially take care of stress-induced active acne.

How to massage

  • Start by making a V-shape with your fingers and placing them under and over the ear, near the lobes. Move them up and down.
  • Next, gently hold your cartilage part while rubbing the thumb on the ear lobe, as demonstrated by the expert in the video.
  • From this, gently pinch and squeeze your ear to turn it into a cookie shape, hold for a while and then release.


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