How Do You Know The Best And The Worst?

7 Sweeteners Found In Nature: How Do You Know The Best And The Worst?

7 Naturally Occurring Sugars You Should Eat Or Avoid

How Do You Know The Best And The Worst? : Experts always advice us to replace artificial sweeteners with natural ones. Artificial sweeteners are equal to poison for our health. However, not all naturally available sweeteners are good. Let us fund out which ones are.

Fruits And Juices

Fruits and juices made out of fresh fruits are always healthy. They contain important nutrients, can balance blood sugar levels and reduce the rate of absorption of artificial sugar in the body. 


Honey, a naturally available sweetener which is very healthy and also aids in weight loss. But, do not eat store bought honey as they are mixed with artificial sweeteners.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is made from maple trees and are loaded with antioxidants. It is an excellent replacement to artificial sugars.

Coconut Sugar

Also naturally available and very health friendly. It has a very low glycemic index which means that it has barely any impact on blood sugar levels. It is also rich in other important nutrients which makes it a must have.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is famous but it is also very high in corn starch and fructose. Corn starch can cause weight gain whereas high fructose can cause type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems. 

Sugar Alcohol

Sugar alcohols are found in some fruits and they are produced chemically. Although, they are naturally available, they are not the healthiest alternatives. If consumed in excess, it can cause gastrointestinal irritation.

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