Why You Must Increase Your Workout Intensity Every Week?

Why You Must Increase Your Workout Intensity Every Week?

Why You Must Increase Your Workout Intensity Every Week? : Your body is built to adapt to new challenges. Have you ever noticed how it changes from the first day of workout to the third or sixth month? The first few days are naturally the hardest but, eventually it gets easier. Your body adapts to the exercises and the muscle soreness goes away. But, this also means that it is time to switch up your routine and challenge yourself to harder workouts. Why?

Once your body gets used to the repetitive exercises and movements, the impact will also start to drop. This is called a plateau wherein, the first few days of workout has the most effect in your body but it starts to reduce as days go by. If you are planning to lose weight, the rate of weight loss will drop if you do not workout harder. Similarly, if you are planning to build muscles, the rate of muscle building will also slow down if you do not switch up your routine. This is how you become stronger every day. Let us understand how working out harder every week impacts your body.

Why You Should Workout Harder?

For Weight Loss

If you are a beginner or a person who has been on a fitness break for a while, the first few days of exercise will be touch but effective. If you workout the right way, you may be able to drop some pounds in the first week itself. But soon, your body will get routine into the movements and exercises. This is when it will burn fewer calories. Eventually, this will lead to a drop in weight loss and this is called a weight loss plateau. The solution to this is to workout harder as soon as you notice that your workouts are getting easier. Challenge yourself, workout for more hours and switch up your routines.

For Muscle Gain

The similar explanation works on your muscles as well. The first few days of exercise will help you build muscles and if you continue without working out harder, you will surely stay fit and healthy but your muscle growth rate will drop. If your aim is to bulk up, you have to work out harder, lift heavier weights, and keep alternating different weights. But, take it slow and do not overdo it because lifting too heavy weights can also cause injuries. Another trick is to let specific muscles get the adequate rest.

For Better Performance And Stamina

If you challenge your body to new and more difficult workouts, it will also help you build strength and stamina. The human body has the capability to adapt very easily and if we try hard enough, we can make it adapt to extreme conditions as well. When it comes to fitness, adding variety to your workout will only help you gain more strength, develop more stamin, encourage you to keep progressing and help you eliminate boredom even in exercises. When you add different moves in your routine, it leads to more muscle breakdown and prevents your body from plateauing.


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