Hair Transplant Costs And Top Best 20 Hair Transplants In Turkey

Hair Transplant Costs And Top Best 20 Hair Transplants In Turkey

Hair Transplant Costs And Top Best 20 Hair Transplants In Turkey : The process described in this text is commonly known as hair transplantation or hair restoration, which is primarily a procedure where hair follicles that are not prone to lifelong shedding, usually from the back of the head, are harvested and transplanted to the frontal areas to replace lost hair. This procedure is based on the principle of relocating a person’s own hair from the back of their head to the front. Among The best hair transplants in Turkey, there are successful hair transplant clinic such as Este Favor Clinic and Asmed Clinic.

Top 20 Best Hair Transplants in Turkey

Before getting a hair transplant, many people wonder and ask about which clinics are better. Turkey is a country with many renowned hair transplant clinics in this regard.

1-Este Favor Hair Transplant Clinic

Among the best hair transplants in turkey, there is a renowned hair transplant facility located in Istanbul. The clinic is known for its expert team with extensive experience and a high success rate. They utilize different hair transplant techniques like FUE and DHI to provide patients with natural and permanent results. Este Favor Hair Transplant Clinic aims to offer free consultation services to its patients to develop solutions tailored to individual needs.


Asmed, one of Turkey’s leading hair transplant clinics, is also known for its successful hair transplant operations in 2023. This clinic specializes in FUE hair transplants, and it is recognized for its membership in international organizations and associations.

Asmed, taking a pioneering role in hair restoration worldwide, is dedicated to focusing on innovations and the development of new techniques in the field of hair transplantation.

3-AHD Klinik

In 2023, AHD Clinic, considered one of Turkey’s top hair transplant clinics, operates under the leadership of Dr. Hakan Do anay in Antalya.

While Antalya is renowned as one of Turkey’s most popular summer tourism destinations, AHD Clinic has gained recognition as one of the best hair transplant clinics in this splendid city. Additionally, it is distinguished as a globally recognized hair transplant clinic.

4-Dr. Serkan Ayg n Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr. Serkan Ayg n Hair Transplant Clinic stands out among Turkey’s leading and best hair transplant clinics in terms of international recognition and surgical success. The clinic, led by Dr. Serkan Ayg n, who is part of one of the first teams in Turkey to perform hair transplant operations, garners attention with its deep-rooted history and experience.

5-Dr. Emrah Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic

In 2023, Dr. Emrah Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic, considered one of the best places for hair transplants in Turkey, welcomes guests in Istanbul’s Be ikta district.

The clinic is notable for its high surgical success rates and provides services in line with international standards. Their pricing for hair transplants is in the moderate range, and the clinic has significant international recognition.

6-Ethica Hair Transplant Clinic

Ethica Hair Transplant Clinic is a distinguished and one of Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics known for using various hair transplant techniques. The clinic successfully applies techniques such as DHI, DHI Plus Gold, and FUE in their hair transplant operations, achieving significant success.

Moreover, Ethica uses a unique hair transplant technique developed in-house and also offers alternative treatments like hair mesotherapy and beard transplants.

7-Mutallip Keser Hair Transplant Clinic

As of 2023, Mutallip Keser Hair Transplant Clinic, recognized as one of the leading and best hair transplant clinics in our country, hosts its guests in the prestigious ankaya district of Ankara. With a long-established history and profound experience, this clinic is renowned for its successful hair transplant operations.

They welcome patients from all over the world and skillfully apply the FUE hair transplant technique.


This Istanbul-based clinic creates personalized hair transplant plans using unique techniques and relies solely on referrals. Among the best hair transplants in Istanbul, they do not perform more than 5 hair transplant operations per day, which enhances satisfaction.

The clinic is staffed by teams specially trained by Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar, who is experienced in the field of hair transplants.

9-Transmed Hair Transplant Clinic

As of 2023, Transmed Hair Transplant Clinic is a prominent establishment among Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics. With its professional team and internationally recognized reputation, this clinic stands out, boasting a rich 28-year history.

Starting its operations in the field of hair transplants in 1994, Transmed holds several reputable certificates and documents.


Arenamed, led by Dr. Serkan Ayd n, is a renowned hair transplant clinic that performs hair transplant operations using the latest FUE hair transplant technique. One of Turkey’s leading hair transplant clinics, Arenamed offers the possibility of hair transplants with the highest graft count. The clinic is known for its successful operations and expert surgeons, boasting more than 10 years of experience.

11-Ac badem Health Group

Ac badem Health Group, based in Istanbul, is recognized as a healthcare institution of choice for numerous surgical procedures worldwide and has achieved significant success in hair transplant procedures. Ac badem Hair Transplant Clinic stands out with its expert and experienced medical team.

As of 2023, Ac badem is among Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics, providing high-standard services using state-of-the-art equipment.


With its cost-effectiveness and superior service quality, Estepera has prioritized patient satisfaction for many years. Especially preferred by Spanish and Italian men, Estepera distinguishes itself with its new clinic. It is among the best clinics performing DHI hair transplants and offers various methods tailored to individual needs.

13-Estetik International

Listed as one of Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics in 2023, Estetik International, led by its founder Op. Dr. B lent Cihantimur conducts operations. The clinic possesses state-of-the-art equipment and employs techniques with the highest success rates in hair transplants.

Estetik International offers visitors various hair transplant techniques such as DHI, FUT, and FUE, with a standout, experienced team.

14-Vera Clinic

One of Turkey’s leading hair transplant clinics, Vera Clinic, specializes in providing successful operations to international visitors.

With significant international recognition, this clinic has performed over 30,000 hair transplant operations to date. While hair transplant costs are slightly above average, Vera Clinic is also experienced in various other cosmetic surgical procedures.

15-Medical Park

Medical Park hosts hair transplant operations in different regions of Turkey, including Istanbul. It has an expert and experienced team and uses state-of-the-art equipment while applying the best hair transplant techniques. Medical Park is also renowned for its expertise in other cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

16-Cosmedica Clinic Hair Transplant Clinic

Cosmedica Clinic Hair Transplant Clinic is among Istanbul’s leading hair transplant clinics and stands out as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey in 2023. The clinic achieves successful results using various hair transplant techniques, including FUE. With an experienced and expert medical team, Cosmedica Clinic offers tailored solutions for hair transplant requests.

17-Adem & Havva Hair Transplant Clinic

Adem & Havva Hair Transplant Clinic offers a variety of hair transplant techniques to visitors considering hair transplants from all around the world. It is highlighted as one of Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics in 2023, using various methods such as FUE, DHI, and Sapphire FUE.

The general term for this medical intervention is hair restoration or hair transplantation. The hair transplantation procedure is performed using the individual’s existing hair reserves in the back of the head with the help of current technology. Therefore, the strength, density, and robustness of the hair in the donor area (the back of the head) are crucial factors that determine the amount and density of hair transplanted. After a hair transplant, it’s important not to wash the hair for the first three days following the operation.

Before making the decision to undergo a hair transplant at the best hair transplant clinic, a hair restoration surgical specialist should conduct a detailed examination of the scalp to investigate the origin of the hair loss. If the examination suggests that there might be a cause of hair loss other than male or female pattern genetic hair loss, the surgeon should consider this possibility and resort to advanced diagnostic methods to diagnose the underlying cause.

Advantages of Choosing Turkey for Hair Transplant

Turkey is a country with many advantages in terms of medical tourism. Patients who prefer Turkey for hair transplant operations not only receive treatment but also explore the country’s beauty. Turkey’s geographical location, being surrounded by seas on three sides and acting as a bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia, offers unique features. You can experience all four seasons simultaneously in different regions of Turkey.

Turkey’s geographical structure is rich in natural beauty compared to many countries in the world. Therefore, when you choose Turkey, you can have a wonderful holiday experience in addition to your hair transplant operation. Furthermore, there are many amazing places to explore in terms of culture and history in our country. Special vacation packages are also offered to patients coming for hair transplants in Istanbul.

Turkey has the world’s most experienced surgeons in the field of hair transplant. The best hair transplant doctors have many years of experience, and they perform operations quickly and smoothly. Moreover, many of our surgeons have their work published in reputable scientific journals worldwide. Many of these surgeons successfully perform hair transplant operations.

Experience is particularly crucial in hair transplant operations. This is because the improper use of microsurgical tools can damage healthy hair follicles.

Many of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, especially those in Istanbul, are members of an international organization called the World FUE Institute. This organization oversees the quality of hair transplant operations worldwide and maintains high standards.

Why is Turkey the Best in Hair Transplants?

Our country is home to highly talented and valuable experts in the field of healthcare. In fact, many of them go abroad to provide training to international doctors. Our experienced doctors are highly valued. Moreover, this is frequently emphasized by many foreign medical authorities. In addition, hair transplant packages offer significant advantages to individuals.

While many of the best hair transplant clinics in our country are located in Istanbul, there are clinics recommended and known worldwide in different cities. Therefore, our country holds a respected position in the international health sector. Besides, among tourists who come to visit and see Turkey, there are those who also want to have hair transplant procedures.

For these reasons, more and more foreigners choose our country for hair transplants and similar procedures each year.

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