6 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For Working Women

6 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For Working Women

6 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For Working Women :  Life is almost always rushed for working women. They have to juggle their personal and professional lives and this often leaves them with no time for themselves. Most women get so immersed in their duties that taking time out to pamper their skin, exercise or just relax seems like an impossible task. Because of this, they often suffer from skin issues. Working women are exposed to dust and pollution on a daily basis, which makes their skin grimy and prone to blackheads.
It is possible to manage a regular beauty regimen without having to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror each morning. Hence, no matter how busy you are, it is very important to take time out for yourself. Even a 5-minute daily ritual can make a world of difference. Let’s look at a few things that you must definitely do on a daily basis.
6 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For Working Women

Cleansing is a must

Cleansing is of great importance for working women, who leave home to get to work, battling through traffic, exposed to grime and pollutants in the air. Cleansing the skin at night, before bedtime, is a must, so that you can remove make-up, stale sweat and oil deposits, along with dirt and air pollutants.

Use a face mask

Twice a week use a face mask. Apply it on the face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash it off when it is dry.

Refresh your make-up

To refresh your make-up, carry a few items in your handbag. Fragrant wet tissues can be most refreshing. They are easily available. Use them to cleanse the skin and remove grease and sweat. A powder compact of pressed powder is also handy. It helps to get rid of that oily look in summer. First wipe with the tissues and then dab powder.

A facial scrub helps

Use a facial scrub two or three times a week. A facial scrub helps to remove dead cells and provides deep cleansing of the skin. It brightens and refines the skin, and also keeps the pores free of oil. For dry skin use facial scrub once a week, while for oily skin, scrub more often.

Wash, tone and moisturise

A face wash, containing ingredients like Tulsi and Neem, would be ideal for hot and humid weather. It would help to remove impurities, soothe and protect the skin from eruptions and rashes. After cleansing, tone the skin with chilled rose water or a rose-based skin tonic. It not only refreshes and cools the skin, but closes the pores and helps to stimulate blood circulation to the skin surface and add a glow. A matte (non-shiny and oil-free) day cream or moisturizer is ideal if the weather is hot and humid. If your work entails traveling, apply a sunscreen. For oily skin, gel-based sunscreens are available.

Hair care is important too

6 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For Working Women

The hair also attracts dirt and pollutants from the environment just like the skin. The frequency of shampoo depends on the hair type and the weather. For normal to dry hair, shampoo and condition the hair twice a week. For oily hair, wash the hair three to four times a week. Other than this, here are a few tips for you:

  • Apply warmed olive oil once a week. Avoid vigorous head massage. Next morning, wash the hair with a mild herbal shampoo. Add the juice of one lemon to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse.
  • Use a scarf or a chunni to cover the head while traveling to work. This helps to protect the hair from dust and sun-exposure.
  • Although long hair is in fashion, avoid keeping it loose, while you are at work. This is more so in hot and humid weather. Put it up in a roll or pin it up. It can also be tied back in a pony tail. Actually, pony tails are in fashion. You can have a high or low pony tail, tied back with ribbons. Or, use a simple hair accessory.
  • Braids (plaits) may also look nice for work, although it may take time. Braids for work hairstyle can be done on long and medium length hair. Divide your hair into three parts and intertwine it like a rope. Towards the end of the braid, use elastic band or a ribbon to tie it up. Braids look neat on young working women.
  • As far as the new trends are concerned, the more natural look in hair is making its way in, with a look of ease.
  • Keep the hair away from the face. If you have short hair, wear it softly and naturally layered.
  • Even in hair colour, use subtle colours with natural highlights.

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