Yoga to stop hair fall immediately in 2023

Yoga to stop hair fall immediately in 2023

Yoga to stop hair fall immediately in 2023: Nobody likes to stress over fallen strands and split ends let alone the thought of a bald spot which makes a chill run down our spine, hair is suddenly becoming a very important part of how we are perceived physically. Our lifestyles and the pollution levels are not helping at all to make the situation better for us.

Yoga to stop hair fall immediately in 2023

There are a number of reasons that could bring us the misery of facing hair problems and feeling helpless in front of useless therapies and hair spas that are worth a lot of money but have little or no effect in helping us with our hair problems.

But in midst of all this suffering this article is here to show you the silver linings. Over the past decade, our world is slowly waking up to the benefits of having a balanced and healthy state of mind.

With all the social media gratifications and material-inclined cultures it is very difficult to be at peace and in sync with your thought process and believe it or not this unhealthy mind is actually creating more problems for your body than you could actually imagine. Including your hair and scalp!

The beauty lies in the logic of having a healthy mind in order to have an overall healthy lifestyle. Even science says that the downward positions in yoga are actually beneficial for scalp-related problems and yoga for hair growth is very beneficial as they send more blood to your head and stimulate hair growth. In simpler words let’s use Yoga for hair regrowth.

Some of the problems that can hinder hair growth are listed here:

  • Rising pollution levels
  • Stress
  • Nutrient loss diet
  • Thyroid (Hypo or Hyper)

Why is yoga so good for hair? Can we use yoga for hair fall? : Yoga to stop hair fall immediately in 2023

Yoga has been backed by research and data to show that there are numerous positive benefits of practicing Asanas regularly, when coupled with a healthy diet you can actually hope to achieve extraordinary results, in a very less time and those benefits, it won’t be short-lived.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which we can use yoga for hair fall. Even it is the answer to how to grow hair on a bald head by yoga?

Yoga for hair re-growth : Yoga to stop hair fall immediately in 2023

We have been rambling about the overall health benefits that yoga can provide, For now let’s keep our attention focused on how to use yoga for hair re-growth and overall healthy scalp. Yoga for hair fall control can be pretty effective in:

  • Stimulating blood circulation
  • With better blood flow you can be sure that maximum amount of oxygen is being transferred to your scalp and hair
  • Helping to stabilize your hormones
  • Improving digestion and thus ensuring maximum absorption of nutrients in your system.

Due to the above-mentioned benefits, it is highly advised that you try yoga for hair fall problems.

The entire world is going head over heels for yoga these days, the demand for licensed yoga teacher has grown many folds in the past decade and hence it’s imperative that we also dig deeper and find out if yoga can help us the way it has helped the western civilizations for other problems as well as our hair problems, read on to know how you should do yoga for hair growth:

There are total of seven yoga asanas that we are going to talk about in this article. Let’s find out what do they have in store for us and how can we implement yoga for healthy hair:

Sarvangasana : Yoga to stop hair fall immediately in 2023

Imperative for stimulating the glands in our body, this yoga position is best suited for people who are looking for the answer to ‘how to grow hair on bald head by yoga’ as this pose is one of the aforementioned downward positions and is said to activate glands by sending high volumes of blood to the scalp and thus rejuvenation hair follicles and boosting hair re-growth, and by performing this asana you can use yoga for hair fall.

Also this asana increases the blood flow to thyroid and parathyroid glands in our body and balance the hormone secretion by the same.

How to perform the Sarvangasana yoga for new hair growth

Stand perfectly straight with an erect spine.

Take deep breathes and feel the calm that surrounds your body.

Take a big step towards your right (Widen stance for an easy stretch)

Keeping your spine straight very slowly bend forward and hold your ankles with your hands.

Remain like this for a few seconds at first and then gradually increase it. The answer to ‘how to control hair fall by yoga’ is finally here.


Headstand Yoga is a downward position that helps in faster hair growth by increasing the blood flow to your scalp. This yoga is instrumental in relieving stress and giving you a clear head almost instantaneously, along with a stronger core and shoulder muscle group, but it is a particularly effective pose in yoga for hair loss control.

How to perform the Sirsasana yoga for hair growth faster:

This could be tricky and it is suggested you lean against a wall if you are complete beginner to yoga. It puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders, neck and core muscles and hence strengthens them but a little support from anyone would ensure that you are doing this for a long time. Slowly you will become a master and you would know how to do yoga for hair fall.

Lie on all fours, on your hands and on your knees.

Lean forward and let your forearms be in full contact with the floor.

Slowly put your head down and let it touch the ground.

Now try lifting your legs up and assume a vertical position.

The above could be troublesome for many people and hence it is suggested that you rely on baby steps. Do the above for one leg at a time.

Ask for someone’s help in stabilizing yourself when you are upside down.

Be in this position for time ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes; remember your comfort and safety is the priority here.

Balayam Yoga

Also known as: Fingernail Yoga!

One of the easiest and most effective yoga for healthy hair, this does not require you being a yogic guru emerging from the forest to perform this move. You would be surprised to know that such an easy exercise can also have a positive effect on your hair health, but make no mistake this yoga for hair fall control is ranked among all other difficult exercise.

How to perform Balayam Mudra yoga to enhance your hair growth and to stop hair fall?

Put your hands together such that your palms face each other.

Bend your fingers to make your nails contact the nails from each opposite finger

Now whisker your nails hard against each other maintaining contact.

Easy isn’t it? Make sure you are bristling two or three times a day.


Also known as: Camel Pose

These downward positions are in abundance when we talk about ways how to control hair fall by yoga for the simple reason that they are so effective in helping us get rid of all our hair problems. Let’s see how we can perform this yoga for hair loss control and added shine to our locks. Since you already know about the circulation-improving properties of the downward portions this asana is also effective in regulating your thyroid levels and thus alleviate a lot of problems that are associated with them including hair thinning and eventually loss. So now you know how to implement yoga for healthy hair.

How to perform camel pose yoga for hair re-growth?

Keep your body strained and your spine erect while you sit on your knees.

Very slowly bow your spine backward and touch your ankles or heels.

Stretch your neck upwards and remain in this position again for a few seconds to a full minute just do not stress yourself. Maintaining a proper form is very important.

If you are unable to practice yoga on a regular basis, we have a solution for you.

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