Weight Loss With Cardio: Why This May Not Be Enough For You?

Weight Loss With Cardio: Why This May Not Be Enough For You?

Weight Loss With Cardio: Why This May Not Be Enough For You? : The problem behind your inability to lose weight even after lots of cardio is you thinking that you are doing enough and doing it right but in reality, you are not. It may be true that you are working hard and investing a lot of time and effort but if you are doing it wrong, your efforts will go to waste.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before going on a weight loss journey:

  • Firstly, you diet matters as much as your routine, maybe even more.
  • The duration and intensity of workout matters
  • The type of workout that you are doing also matters
  • Lastly, your body type, metabolism type and workout goals matter too

6 Reasons Why You Are Unable To Lose Weight With Cardio

Cardiovascular exercises are good for your heart health but it may not be enough for weight loss.

You Are eating Too Much

When you exercise you do burn some calories, if not a lot. Moreover, exercise also helps boost your metabolism, so, it is very normal for you to feel more hungry than usual. A study published in the Journal Advances in Nutrition revealed that the more fuel your body uses the more hungry you may feel. However, if you know that your body gains weight very easily, you should refrain from consuming too much food. The best alternative is to have a diet chart. Include foods that are more filling, more protein-rich and more fibrous in nature. This will help keep you satiated and curb cravings.

You Are Not Eating Enough

Diet is a huge factor that can either speed weight loss or slow it down. It matter if you eat too much and it matter if you eat too less. There are certain diets which are too restrictive like crash diets. They seem like they would be effective but it may not be suitable for everyone. Firstly, it may make you weak because your body will be deprived of all the essential nutrients. This can cause deficiencies. Secondly, eating too less can also hinder weight loss. It will impact your energy and it will eventually impact your ability to workout.

You Are Making Unrealistic Goals

It is great that you are making goals to keep yourself motivated to lose weight. But, keep in mind that your goals need to be realistic. It is impossible to lose 5 kilograms in one week. When you don’t attain this goal, you will feel de-motivated. So, start with an aim to lose 2 kgs and then 2 more and then move up to 5. But, try to distribute the weight loss over months.

You Are Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein has a huge role in weight loss and lowering the risk of heart diseases. It has the power to help you stay full for a long time thereby, reducing junk food intake, sugar intake and curb cravings. The reason behind your inability to lose weight may be because you are not eating enough protein.

You Are Still Consuming Sugar

Stop eating sugary foods and drinking sugary beverages. It will not only hinder your weight loss journey but also spike blood sugar levels.

You Are Not Weight Training

The best and fastest way to lose weight according to experts is by combining both cardio and weight training sessions. As your body develops muscles, it will automatically burn and replace fat.

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