Tired Of Food Cravings And Unhealthy Eating? Do These Three Things

Tired Of Food Cravings And Unhealthy Eating? Do These Three Things

It is natural to crave for certain foods every now and then. Even when someone is on a diet, they have certain ‘cheat days’, during which they indulge in their favourite delicacies, and then quickly go back to their diet and exercise routine the next day onwards. The key is to do everything in moderation. If, however, you feel tired of craving certain foods, instead of feeling guilty, find a way to figure out a diet that can satiate these feelings while also ensuring you stay healthy.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram to share a nugget of advice. She told her followers in a video that there are primarily three things they can do to prevent cravings and eat the proper quantity of food.

Give yourself the permission to eat

According to the expert, it is important to allow yourself the quantities you would like to eat. If one deprives themselves, they may end up raiding the fridge in the middle of the night and “calling for foods that they have sworn off eating”. Eat only during meal times.

Appetite is a moving entity, it keeps changing

We are human beings, so our appetite will also change every day. It is natural to feel hungrier in winter than in summer. It is important to be mindful of this fact. As such, do not fix your food quantities in advance.

Do not seek the approval of others

Neither your best friend, nor a family member or even an app should tell you how much you should eat. Only you will know if you are full, or if you still feel hungry; whether you should eat one more roti or not.

“Three things you must adopt are: sit down and eat, slow down, eat with all your senses and without the screen. Even if you end up overeating, forgive yourself and move on. You are a human being,” she concluded.

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