Role Of Relationships In Mental Health

Role Of Relationships In Mental Health: Expert Decodes Why It Is Necessary In This Day And Age

Role Of Relationships In Mental Health : Since humans are social creatures, their lives can be categorized as a complex web of social ties. Many relationships throughout one’s life shape who we are. We base our identities on the relationships we form during this life since every component of who we are is somehow defined by how we interact with others and vice versa. Just like our relationships impact our mental health, even our mental health has a profound impact on our relationships.

M.D. of Alternative Medicines, Psychotherapist and Life Coach Dr Chandni Tugnait elaborates on the various impacts a relationship can have on a person or persons mental wellbeing.

Important Aspects Of The Role Of Relationships For Mental Wellbeing

Having relationships, be it a husband, partner, a family or a relative can ensure a supportive and understanding environment for people struggling with mental health issues. Many a times, the people around you are able to notice signs of anxiety or depression before you realise it yourself.

Building A Supportive Foundation

Having people who support you in your life is very important. When you know that you have a support system to fall back on you will be mentally and physically more resilient in adversity and are able to face any situation as you know you have someone who will be there to offer understanding, sympathy and empathy to you in your time of need.

Emotional Validation and Understanding

For any and every individual, there is a part of life that seeks validation from others. When you have built healthy relationships in your life, all your emotional needs and the need for validation are met through them. Your loved ones offer connection to you and provide the validation you need. This keeps the stress of insecurities away, giving way to balanced mental health.

Companionship As A Mental Health Pillar

An individual runs the risk of mental health issues if they remain alone; human beings have evolved together in communities, so companionship is one of the most essential pillars of human existence and mental health. Be it a lover’s intimacy, the bond that exists between friends and family, or the fleeting camaraderie that you form with strangers on the train all these forms of companionship offer a sense of purpose to an individual that eliminates the risk of mental health issues to a large extent.

Managing Stress Through Quality Connections

In the intricate dance of life, the quality of our relationships emerges as a powerful force in stress regulation. When surrounded by supportive friends or partners, the physiological and psychological impacts of stress find mitigation. The comforting knowledge that there’s someone to share the burden lessens the weight of stressors, preventing them from evolving into chronic stress, a detriment to mental health.

Navigating Self-Esteem Through Relationship Dynamics

The evolving dynamics of relationships, especially in the early stages of development, wield a profound influence on an individual’s self-esteem. Positive and nurturing connections contribute to the cultivation of a robust sense of self-worth, fostering confidence and a positive perspective. Conversely, toxic, or strained relationships have the potential to erode self-esteem, heightening vulnerability to the challenges of mental health.

Taking On Mental Health Issues Together

Having a network of support becomes vitally important in the complex process of addressing mental health issues. Companionship and family members provide vital assistance as they get the subtleties of mental health difficulties and can provide consoling conversations or actively participate in the recovery process. Overcoming mental health problems can be significantly aided by the collaborative efforts of a compassionate community.

Relationships play a vital role in our mental health. Since human beings are social creatures, they thrive in communities very well. This link between our mental health and our relationships has been ever-present since we were infants. As we grow, we develop and learn from the bonds we were born with, and with time, we acquire various other bonds to fulfil our emotional and physical needs. Thus, relationships play a very significant role in one’s life specially on one’s mental health.

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