Remove And Replace These Food Items In The Kitchen

Kids Health: Remove And Replace These Food Items In The Kitchen

Remove And Replace These Food Items In The Kitchen : All parents worry about the health of their children, whether they are eating well, gaining healthy weight, getting all the essential nutrients, staying physically active, etc. The kind of food kids eat in their formative years is crucial because it lays the foundation for their growth. There are many fruits and vegetables that must be included in their diet, and along with that, there are many food items that must be immediately removed from the kitchen shelves and replaced with other healthier alternatives.

Talking about the same, integrative nutritionist Pooja Jaiswal explained in an Instagram video that as parents, if you are looking to incorporate good and healthy eating habits, then there are mainly three food items that need to be removed from the kitchen.

The first one, she said, are packaged cereals. “The ready-to-eat packaged cereals — whether they are made from millets, ragi, and things like that, with claims that they are good for you — once they get packaged in a certain form, the shelf life goes up. And once that happens, you know that something has been added to it. In the long term, it is not good for [your health],” said the expert, adding that regardless of the claims made that these products are good for you, they are not.

Jaiswal said you can replace these cereals with simple homemade porridge: bajra or ragi porridge that take not more than five minutes to make.

The second thing to be removed from the kitchen, said the expert, are juices. “They are considered to be healthy. While looking for healthier options, you sometimes buy cold-pressed [juices] that are expensive. But, remember that once any fruit is juiced, it needs to be consumed within 10 minutes. So, it has to be freshly squeezed, freshly consumed at home. So try avoiding [juice] bottles.”

According to the expert, the third thing to avoid would be ice cream tubs. “The tubs, when they are there in the kitchen, the child will tend to eat more [from them]. If they really want it, order it. And out of sight is out of mind,” she concluded.

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