Pregnant Women Are Advised To Swim For These Many Minutes A Day

Pregnant Women Are Advised To Swim For These Many Minutes A Day

Pregnant Women Are Advised To Swim For These Many Minutes A Day : Being pregnant does not mean your life has to slow down, or that you have to give up on certain activities that you enjoy doing. While pregnancy is a truly rewarding time, one where you are advised to take extra care of your health, it must not hold you back from living life normally. And if swimming is an activity that you enjoy doing, you can find a way to continue doing it during pregnancy, while exercising certain caution, of course.

According to Dr Palak Dengla (PT), antenatal expert, HOD physiotherapy at Aster RV Hospital, swimming is said to be relaxing when it comes to morning sickness. “Many women have claimed swimming to be conducive for nausea and vomiting seen in early pregnancy. It is one of the preferred whole-body endurance and strengthening workouts,” she said, adding that swimming in pregnancy is considered safe and a great form of low-impact exercise for both the mother and the unborn child, if there are no contraindications.

Benefits of swimming

Dr Dengla said water takes care of mood swings and mental well-being of the mother. Swimming can help with insomnia. It can also improve appetite, relieve the body from restless leg syndrome and back pain, enhance blood circulation, reduce the risks of pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure in pregnancy) and swelling in the feet, and prepare the body for labor. “Swimming enhances muscle tone, flexibility and endurance, which are a prerequisite for the most awaited ‘push’,” she added.

But, is there a limit to swimming during pregnancy?

According to the doctor, since swimming is safe during pregnancy and extremely beneficial, there is no limitation on which week/month of pregnancy one can start swimming. But, one has to be cautious to avoid skid or fall, and take care of the contraindications involved.

“You should be comfortable and be able to breathe easily while swimming. You can start with 10 minutes of a gentle walk in the pool, gradually advancing to 30 minutes, three to five times a week,” said the doctor.

Things to keep in mind

Be mindful of any kind of sharp pain in the back or the belly, vaginal bleeding or discharge, giddiness, uterine contractions, absence of fetal movements. “Anything that does not appear to be right needs to be reported to your obstetrician immediately,” warned the doctor.


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