How Many Rest Days Should You Actually Take To Build Muscles?

How Many Rest Days Should You Actually Take To Build Muscles?

How Many Rest Days Should You Actually Take To Build Muscles?  :It is a good habit to exercise regularly and focus on muscle building. But, taking rest days is also as important as going to the gym. What is a rest day? A day when you do not work out or go to the gym and give your body, bones and muscles the rest that it requires. It is proven by science that this is absolutely essential especially if you are planning to bulk up. Your muscles need time and rest to recover from the wear and tear during exercise. In fact, experts have also noted that the two days after your workout, your muscles are still at work and are active even when your body is not. So, how to determine the number of days of rest for each person?

How To Determine The Number Of Rest Days?

Many factors influence the number of rest days, take a look:

  • It depends on people’s body type, metabolism, abilities and time constraints.
  • It depends on a person’s diet
  • It depends on a person’s goals

Experts typically advice you to be flexible with workout schedules. If you end up working out without a break for 7 days, you might burn out and end up not working out for the next 5 days. This is not good for your muscles, your health and your lifestyle. So, make sure to take these breaks. They are crucial.

How Many Days Do We Need?

The number of rest days depends on person to person:

  1. People who focus on high intensity workout for duration of one hour will need more than one days of rest in a week
  2. People who do moderate intensity workouts for 20 minutes will need one day
  3. People who lift weight regularly for one hour will need two days break in a week
  4. If you’re exercising for 30 minutes a day, then one day a week may be enough of a rest day for you because your muscles may be less fatigued.
  5. People who do 30 minutes weight lifting everyday will need one day
  6. People who are trying to lose weight should take rest days as per the diet they are following. They may need either 6 days of rest or 6 continuous days of workout. Diet, exercise, habits and lifestyle are interlinked.
  7. If you are a beginner, then you must take more rest days as your body is slowly learning to adapt to the workouts.

Lastly, when you take these breaks, make sure to strategize each part of your body muscles. Each part requires adequate rest to heal and become stronger.

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