How Genetic Testing Empowers Young Adults Against Diabetes?

How Genetic Testing Empowers Young Adults Against Diabetes?

How Genetic Testing Empowers Young Adults Against Diabetes? : Diabetes has always been the topic of concern, especially among young professionals According to the World Health Organization, 77 million people above the age of 18 are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and nearly 25 million people are at risk of diabetes. While lifestyle factors like diet, physical activity, and stress play a significant role in the development of diabetes, genetic predisposition is an equally important contributing factor. Additionally, according to the National Library of Medicine, If a young adult has one parent lineage who is diabetic, the chances of them being diabetic are 40% and if both parents lineage have a history of diabetes, the chances of developing it increases to 70 percent. Dr Anu Prabha, Research Scientist and Product Manager, Human Genomics, Haystack Analytics shared some thoughts related to the increasing diabetes cases in young professionals and how genetic testing can be a better option to choose.

To manage this, apart from adopting healthy dietary choices and inculcating physical activities into their daily routine, individuals should opt for genetic testing that can enable medical practitioners to design personalized care for their patients in terms of medications, nutrition, fitness, and overall lifestyle.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Opting For Genetic Testing!

Early Intervention

One of the topmost benefits of genetic testing is early intervention which helps the doctors understand the genetic makeup of an individual’s body and the diseases they are susceptible to, which allows the doctors to detect the disease at an earlier and more treatable stage.

Reducing The Risk Of Long-Term Lifestyle Diseases

Another benefit of understanding the blueprint of your DNA is reducing the risk of long-term diseases. Once the doctors understand your susceptibility to certain diseases, instead of following the traditional method of care regime, they can tailor and customize your treatment accordingly to reduce the risk.

Customize Lifestyle Practices

As lifestyle habits play a crucial role in triggering a disease like diabetes, genetic testing will allow doctors, trainers, or dieticians to help optimize your lifestyle practices according to your DNA. This will not only enhance your overall well-being more effectively and efficiently but also help you to take tailored preventive measures to delay the risk of certain health problems.

In conclusion, individuals, especially young professionals should adopt a combination of healthy lifestyle choices and genetic testing to help them manage their overall wellbeing more effectively and delay the onset of diseases like diabetes. Following a holistic approach can always help keep your body and mind healthy, eventually taking you away from all chronic diseases. Just a few changes can show multiple effects.

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