Could These Foods Ensure Normal Delivery, As Opposed To A C-Section?

Could These Foods Ensure Normal Delivery, As Opposed To A C-Section?

Could These Foods Ensure Normal Delivery, As Opposed To A C-Section? : While pregnancy is an exciting journey, the thought of delivering the baby can be daunting, owing to apprehensions about the pain associated with it. Still, many women hope to have vaginal childbirth as opposed to caesarean section, which is a major surgery in which all layers of the abdomen are cut and stitched back. Many doctors also believe that vaginal birth is the best way to deliver a baby — unless there are health concerns that make C-section mandatory — as there is less blood loss and early recovery for the mother.

In case you are pregnant and have your due date coming up, nutritionist Ramita Kaur shared some tips with which you can avoid a possible C-section birth. She took to Instagram and shared a list of five superfoods that you must include in the ninth month for a normal delivery. Read on.

1. Turmeric milk with desi ghee: According to the expert, this can lubricate the vagina, providing smooth delivery.

2. Sweet potato: It is rich in energy, potassium and iron, which are needed for muscle contraction and relaxation.

3. Dates: They help with dilation, while strengthening uterine muscles.

4. Coconut water: It works as a natural way to increase amniotic fluid index (AFI).

5. Saffron: It helps to prepare the cervix for labour.

In addition to all these, the nutritionist said one must stay physically active throughout their pregnancy period. She also demonstrated an easy yoga asana that can prepare the body for normal delivery: Malasana.

Also known as the garland pose yoga, this asana is good for the muscles of the stomach and the lower body. Kaur said it can stretch the pelvis region, inner thighs and hips, and prepare the body for birth.

It is advisable to check with your gynaecologist before making dietary changes, since no two pregnancies may look the same, and there may be certain dietary restrictions. Discuss in detail with your medical practitioner on the best way forward in your pregnancy journey.

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