Chronic Anxiety Disorder: 5 Habits That May Not Be Normal

Chronic Anxiety Disorder: 5 Habits That May Not Be Normal


These Habits Indicate That You Suffer From Anxiety

Chronic Anxiety Disorder: 5 Habits That May Not Be Normal : Managing anxiety is a challenge especially for people who suffer from chronic disorder. It can manifest in your body, your behaviours, your activities, your personality in numerous ways. People who face anxiety almost everyday may also develop some habits which may seem normal but they are far from.

Getting Attached To An Object

Projecting emotions into an inanimate object like a blanket, pillow, cushion or earphones is one habit you must note. Sometimes, when a person is away from that object, he or she may get triggered. This is one way for them to cope.

Staying In Control

Along with guarding their emotions, they are very used to being in control. They may get triggered when they are not. Its another way to channel their anxiety.

Finding Relaxing Abnormal

Anxiety patients find it very hard to relax or not be active. In the same way they may feel weird when they are actually not anxious. They are so used to being anxious that feeling the opposite of anxiety is surprising for them.

Doubting Yourself

They may be very much capable of making their own decisions and speaking out their opinions but because of anxiety, they may hold back. Anxiety affects their confidence and instills a sense of self doubt. They may need constant validation.

Guarding Your Emotions

People with anxiety problems often are very well guarded with their emotions. It becomes like a habit because they are so used to hiding their anxiety from others. This can however be detrimental for them.

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