Are You Losing Memory? Find Out If The Signs Are Normal Or Not

Are You Losing Memory? Find Out If The Signs Are Normal Or Not

Are You Losing Memory?

It is common knowledge that age is accompanied with memory loss. Some examples can be not remembering people’s names, places, repeating things more than once, forgetting day to day things, being confused about time. These will start showing as people get older but there are some other symptoms of memory loss which are not related to ageing but to cognitive diseases.

Abnormal Signs On Memory Loss

Human brain has the capacity to learn new things but when that stops happening, it may be a cause for concern. Not being able to learn new things like technology or tasks can be a sign of cognitive disease.

Easy Tasks May Come Off As Difficult

People may struggle to do daily and very simple tasks which they never struggled with before. This is a strange change and it can be concerning.

Forgetting Recent Conversations

Some people may forget an entire conversation very quickly. Yes, it is human nature to forget very old conversations but not recent ones. Also, sometimes, if we try hard, we can even remember old conversations.

Forgetting Familiar Places

People may not be able to remember very familiar places, streets or their names. Usually these things are etched in the human mind and forgetting these may seem unusual and concerning.

Repeating Stories’ In Very Short Intervals

Patients of Alzheimer’s and Dementia repeat stories over and over again and then forget that they ever said it. This is one of the major symptoms of drastic cognitive decline. If your loved one is also doing this, it may mean something larger than age-related memory loss.

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