5 Tips To Lead Holistic Wellness In Life

Alternate Healing: 5 Tips To Lead Holistic Wellness In Life

5 Tips To Lead Holistic Wellness In Life : The human body is not always designed for rushing. It can take a rush in very short spurts. Ninety seconds of stress your body can handle; beyond 90 seconds, the human rhythm has to be slow, walk gently on the earth, pause, celebrate life, look at loved ones, think deeply, and feel deeply. One who slows down can savour your life.

If humans want to live healthily, these are the five essentials anyone needs to practice.

  1. Proper breathing: Every form of medicine emphasizes breath. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly and thoroughly. The longer you breathe, the longer you live.
  2. Eat slowly, eat with awareness: Chew thoroughly and swallow the food. When you eat with awareness, you appreciate every morsel of food in your mouth. There is harmony and sync with you and the universe. Returning your body to health and wholeness and chewing, not rushing through food, and not eating distracted is essential for health.
  3. Connecting to nature: Stay in the sun early morning and evening. Sun is one of the more extraordinary healers. Ultimately, our life force, life on the entire planet, is built on the sun somehow. So, taking sunlight every morning and evening, every branch of medicine encourages you to do it every day.
  4. Slow down and do not rush: This is an essential emphasis in every form of medicine. Meditation can help you with this. When we want people to relax, at Ekam, we teach Soul Sync Meditation and the Serene Mind Practice. You can look for it in the Breathing Room Meditation App.
  5. To live more in the present: A mind that constantly lives in the past and future is not in Svastya. Satya means health, to be established in the present peacefully. That is how Ayurveda defines health. So you are living in the present, disengaged from the past and future, unless you go to the past to gather information or visit the future to plan consciously. Otherwise, living more in the present is necessary for excellent health.

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