5 Mistakes People With Oily Skin Often Make During Winters

Men’s Skin Care: 5 Mistakes People With Oily Skin Often Make During Winters

How To Care For Oily Skin During Winters

5 Mistakes People With Oily Skin Often Make During Winters : Winter season is dry as a bone and damaging for your skin and hair. You need to be extra vigilant about keeping your face clean, constantly moisturizing it and avoiding things that might make it more dry. If you think that having oily skin means that you do not need to take as much care, you are wrong. Here’s why!

Do Not A Moisturiser

Never skip a moisturizer. No matter how oily your skin is, it will not help keep it mpisturised. The oil that your skin is producing needs to be cleansed out to prevent pimples. Use gel based, lightweight moisturizers after that.

Do Not Use Hot Water

Do not use hot water. It will only aggravate your skin and make it more dry. Hot water will strip your skin from its natural oi but, as a response, your skin will secrete even more oil. This may cause acne.

Mistakes You Must Never Make

Oily skin people may face these following problems during winter season. Because of the cold temperature, your skin might produce more oil thereby blocking the pores and inviting acne and pimples. In order to prevent these problems you need to stop making some basic skin care mistakes.

Do Not Skip Exfoliation

No matter what the weather is, dirt, pollution and dead skin cells will always stick to your face and block the pores. These need to be cleared out on a regular basis.

Do Not Apply The Wrong Products

Change your products as the weather changes. If you are confused about what to use, consult an expert of ask your friends about different types of products and what might suit you best. 

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