5 Best Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction, Size and Strength

5 Best Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction, Size and Strength 

What is a Penis Pump?

5 Best Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction, Size and Strength  : Penis pumps, also known as penis vacuums, are non-invasive medical devices used to address erectile dysfunction in males, as well as potentially enlarge one’s penis if used regularly and continuously for a certain time.

To find the penis pump that would be the optimal choice for your specific case, it’s important to choose from only the best products on the market. The popularity of penis vacuums as a therapy for erectile dysfunction without drugs or surgeries spawned quite a few low-quality and downright dangerous products to stay away from at all times.

In this review, we will guide you through the four best penis pumps currently available on the market (as of February 2023-24), based on product specifications, customer reviews, and available scientific data. Additionally, we will give you a detailed overview of how penis vacuums work in general, as well as answer the most common questions that most customers have regarding the proper use of penis vacuums.

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Here Are The 5 Best penis pumps in the market

To make it easier, we have enlisted 5 best penis pumps in a tabular form with overall ratings.

  • Bathmate Hydro (Penis with a length between 5 and 7”)
  • Bathmate Hydromax (Penis with a length between 3 and 9”)
  • Bathmate HydroXtreme  (Penis with a length between 3 and 11”)

#1 –HydroXtreme7 By Bathmate– The Finest Penis Pump Overall

HydroXtreme7 is brought to you by Bathmate – you will find that Bathmate is the No1 seller worldwide when it comes to Penis Pumps. And there is a reason why; their Hydropumps, boasting a unique, water-based system, have been used by more than one million users – and 85% have reported real, tangible results!

What Exactly Does HydroXtreme7 Promises To Do For You?

  • Aid You to Kill in The Bedroom
  • Offer Lasting Improvement for Your Penis Size
  • Boost The Strength of Your Erections

All you need to do is use your HydroXtreme vacuum pump for 10 to 15 minutes per day, and 5 minutes during your exercise sessions – you will be amazed by the results, along with its ease of use and how comfortable it feels!

Tell Me About the Downside!

There’s not much to say here, really. HydroXtreme7 is suitable for users measuring 5 to 7 inches (if you are girthier, you can get the HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy), it features a new, advanced Handball Pump and Shower Strap for ultimate comfort, and it comes in a discreet packaging, with a range of accessories that will help you get the 100% out of your every pump!

It costs $299 – but keep in mind that it comes with a Money Back Guarantee AND a 2-year Warranty as well. What’s more, each pump has been through a series of tests to ensure both its safety – AND its longevity!

Final Words: HydroXtreme7 by Bathmate is officially the best Penis pumping system there is right now. It can seriously up your sex game, offer you lasting results, and send your confidence through the roof. Just make sure to get it from their official website, because there are a lot (and we mean A LOT) knock-offs out there

#2 – HydroMax7 By Bathmate

As we have seen from a previous product, Bathmate is a top-selling company in the world of Penis -enlargement pumps. It has been in the market for more than six years; and its HydroMax7 is an excellent, solid choice for people who have a penis around 5 to 7 inches.

The Things That HydroMax7 Has to Offer!

  • Greatly Help Your Sexual Performance
  • Aid In Moderate ED Cases
  • Give You Permanent Results, If Used Regularly

This powerful set uses water to dilate the blood vessels, which results in a Penis healthier and stronger and, thus, to an impressive erection! It is designed to be used on a regular basis, hence the tube boasts a strong, sturdy grip for adequate control, while the kit also features a comfort ring which decreases pressure and gives you good support.

What’s The Catch Here?

There is no catch if we want to be honest. Hydromax7 comes to you in a discreet package, with a Money Back Guarantee, a Warranty – at the price of $159. Not really much to contemplate over, especially since 92% of its users report high levels of satisfaction with their results!

Final Words: Let’s not repeat ourselves by reminding you that Bathmate has made some the world’s best-selling Penis pumps – and HydroMax7 is one of them! Users’ reviews report that they have experienced permanent results in their size and stamina – so go ahead and check Hydromax7 right away.

#3 – Hydro7 By Bathmate

Hydro7 is Bathmate’s first and most successful Penis pump! A gentle, yet very effective vacuum pump that uses the innovative water system that Bathmate has developed and that promises to help you regain your confidence and self-admiration as it helps you make your Penis thicker and stronger, and your erections more and more lasting!

What Does Hydro7 Give You?

  • Improvement Of Erection Quality
  • Upping Your Stamina Levels
  • More Substantial Length & Girth

Especially if you are a beginner at the Penis Pump field, Hydro7 is a trustworthy, suitable choice for men that have a penis 5 to 7 inches long!

Final Words: Hydro7 is a more affordable, and easy-to-use for beginners’ choice of a vacuum pump. It costs $110 and it comes to you with a Warranty and Bathmate’s 60-day Money Back Guarantee – in other words, if you are worried about being a pump rookie, go ahead and make your purchase today!

The good side of Bathmate Hydromax.

Different people have different penis sizes. But the main thing is to satisfy the partner. Bathmate Hydromax is working for this, its main purpose is to satisfy in sex life.

The pump increases the size of the penis. Increasing the penis size can give a man confidence. This is also a solution to Erectile dysfunction (ED). It gives a quick solution to Erectile Dysfunction. It improves erection strength and stamina. After started pumping, the pressure applied to the Penis excites the penis muscle and you can get harder erections. This will give more satisfaction to your sex life. Proper using the Bathmate Hydromax improves sex life.

Bathmate Hydromax improved overall health and confidence. To improve health, you need a good and satisfying sex life. Bathmate Hydromax offers you the solution to good sex life. It increases sex satisfaction and gives you a good, healthy and confident life. It removes the tension of intercourse and gives pleasure in intercourse.

The Bad side of Bathmate Hydromax.

Bathmate Hydromax pump use water instead of air. So, it is much safer than any other pump in the market. But you should use the pump safely. overusing the pump can cause some discomfort. Using too much pressure or over-pumping causes light bruising, small red dots, fluid retention. If you face these issues while or after pumping, you should stop using them for some days. You should also use less pressure on the pump while using it.

  • Light bruising.
  • Small red dots.
  • Fluid retention.

Benefits of Bathmate Hydromax

It is safer than any other pump in the market. Warm water is used in the pump. This warm water helps the blood flow. It also helps skin expansion. Water is used as lubrication to the Penis which helps to move the penis easily. The pressure remains constant. The negative pressure remains within safe limits.

Bathmate Hydromax is safe. It can use with one hand. It can be removed easily and safely. The pump gives satisfaction in sex which helps a man to be healthy and confident. It increases the Penis size, which gives confidence before intercourse. It also gives a strong erection to improve sexual satisfaction.

  • Increase penis size and strong erection.
  • Solution for erectile dysfunctions.
  • Safe and can easily be used.
  • Used warm water instead of air.
  • Water is used as lubrication.
  • Bathmate Hydromax scam or not?

After launching the Bathmate Hydromax pump, it became popular. It used warm water instead of air. And that makes it different from other Penis pumps. It is safer than other penis pumps in the market. So, it becomes popular with people quickly. It is being sold a million units to the people.

This pump truly works. It increases the penis size and strong the erection. It gives satisfaction in intercourse. Millions of people are using it and they are satisfied. So, if you want you can buy it. And this is not a scam, it works. But you have to use it more carefully. You shouldn’t overuse it. Otherwise, you can face some side effects.

If you have Erectile Dysfunctions (ED), then it is the solution to your problem. It can give you strength and boost up your confidence. you will get satisfied in your sex life. Bathmate Hydromax is not a scam and it works very fine. people are buying the Bathmate Hydromax series pump and they are fully satisfied.

Frequency of Bathmate use

To achieve maximum results, it is recommended that the hydro pump be used not more than once a day. This should be at 3-5 times a week for about 15 minutes.

#4. Penomet 

As a penis pump, Penomet is superior to most of its competitors for one simple reason: the simplicity of its construction. Essentially, Penomet consists of a polycarbonate plastic cylinder, a gaiter that creates the required pressure, and a one-way valve that keeps the pressure stable inside the main cylinder.

There are no external pumps, no tubes, no electric elements—which means that the device has no elements that could potentially break and force you to buy a new penis vacuum. Penomet is built to last, and that’s one of the main reasons behind its success with millions of men around the world.

In general, Penomet works like a manual pump that you have to fill with water and put on your penis. By bringing the cylinder closer to the penile base and compressing the gaiter, part of the water will be expelled through the one-way pump on the product’s tip. Then, when you let go of the pressure, a negative pressure remains inside the cylinder and works as a vacuum pump that will fill your penis with blood. As a result, you will experience an instant and powerful erection.

At the same time, if you perform this procedure for at least 10-15 minutes every day for several months, you will likely experience a visible increase in penile length and girth, not only in erectile function.

The Penomet penis vacuum is available for purchase in 3 different packages:

  • Penomet Standard contains everything you need to get started with your penis pump, including the device itself, an exercise guide handbook (digital), and a printed booklet with instructions. This Penomet package contains only one gaiter (force 70).
  • Penomet Extra contains everything from the Standard package plus two extra gaiters, so three gaiters in total (force 65, 70, and 75).
  • Penomet Premium contains everything from the extra package, two extra gaiters (making it 5 gaiters in total – force 60, 65, 70, 75, and 80), and a specialized strap to wear your pump in the shower

Some pros of penomet:

  • Over 10 years of research and development
  • Best Male Enhancement Device Award (Sign magazine, 2012)
  • Venus Award Winner (Germany, 2013)
  • Venus Award Winner (Germany, 2014)
  • Medical-grade materials
  • Precise scale printed on the cylinder for optimal pressure control
  • 5 gaiters with different pressure levels
  • Available in 4 colors (clear, violet, orange, pink)
  • Lifetime gaiter replacement warranty
  • Full 60-day money-back guarantee for every purchase

#5  VaxAid V30

Last, but certainly not least on our list, comes VaxAid V30. This Super Deluxe Vacuum Pump System is just the thing you need to make your sex life skyrocket and your partner happier than ever!

The VaxAid’s V30 Help In Your Love Life!

  • Enjoy Long-Term Effects
  • Stubborn, Intense Erections
  • Gradual Penis Enlargement

The VaxAid V30 offers a comfy seal on the pelvic seat, while water takes the place of a lubricant and has a nice cushioning effect. The flow of blood in the penis increases, which firstly expands erectile tissue for a strong erection, and secondly helps oxygen and nutrients to reach and feed muscles, cells, and fibers.

The Deluxe Package of VaxAid costs $239 and it features: all the accessories you will need for your… pumping endeavors, plus a discreet carry case, a towel, a Medical Grade lubricant, a cleaning foam brush, a DVD with instructions, and a manual guide as well!

Final Words: VaxAid V30 is another great choice, like every single one on that list (see below for details on our ranking system) for those who wish to see significant differences on their Penis size and their erections’ endurance! Give it a try on this link

How Did We Pick Our Top Five Of Penis Pumps?

When you delve into such sensitive subjects, there’s only one way you can be certain that you have done the best possible work on choosing your suggestions:  and a bit more – you guessed it – research!

Via blogs, Amazon reviews, articles, and testimonies, we give our best in order to cherry-pick the products that stand out and will give you the maximum results at the best possible prices.

What we mean to say is that our criteria for this list have been a) the companies’ credibility, b) the product’s price, and c) the customers’ satisfaction. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that:

  • Specific results are due to a mix of contributing factors, and results may vary between individual bodies.
  • You should always consult with your doctor before using penis enlargement equipment, in case there is any reason in your medical records that would prohibit you to use it.

A man’s guide to using penis pumps

Penis pumps are medical devices with a clear goal in mind: improve erectile function, as well as potentially increase penile length and girth. At first, the gains are immediate and short-lasting, but as you get used to vacuuming and practice it daily for some time, you’ll notice that some of the gains become permanent.

The main trick in this matter is to stay consistent. Create a workout routine for yourself, plan it out, then commit to it for at least a few months. This time will be enough to bring in the results you’re looking for, as long as you stick to your exercise strategy.

In general, the best approach to using a penis vacuum for maximum results goes as follows:

  • Take a hot shower or bath for 5-10 minutes to relax your muscles, moisturize your skin, and just relax in general.
  • Do a quick 2-minute massage of your crotch and penis to improve local blood flow and further relax the muscles
  • (Optional step) apply a bit of oil or lubricant on the penis base to increase how well your penis vacuum will stick to its destination
  • Fill your penis pump with water to the brim, turn it bottom up (to keep the water in), and insert your penis inside. Some of the water will pour out at this stage to make room for your penis, this is normal.
  • Bring the cylinder closer to your penis base, squeezing the gaiter at the bottom of your penis pump. This will push out part of the water through the one-way valve on the vacuum’s tip.
  • Let the pump return to its initial position and feel the pressure inside the cylinder. If you feel comfortable with the current pressure, repeat the previous step and pump out some more water from inside the vacuum, thereby increasing the pressure inside. Repeat this step until you are just slightly uncomfortable with the pressure, as this is the optimal force for maximum growth.
  • Remove the pump after 2-3 minutes and massage for 2 minutes, repeat this a further 2 times if desired. Never pump for more than 15 minutes in any 24-hour period.

On each vacuum workout, try to remember (maybe even note down) the exact pressure you used on that specific session. For example, let’s say you’ve noted” Day 1 – 3 pumps.” Then, make sure to stay at this pressure level for at least a few days to give your penis enough time to get use to the vacuum therapy. After that, you can increase the pressure a bit—and stay on your new level for another few days. This gradual growth in pressure is important to maximize the effectiveness and comfort of your workouts.

4 Tips to maximize success with penis pumps

Don’t expect lasting overnight results

Penis pumps lead to immediate results when you use them, and many men may see permanent gains. Alas, it doesn’t work that way. We recommend you to treat penis vacuums as a specialized form of therapy, and as such—it requires time, diligence, and adherence to the provided instructions. Realistically, you can expect to see permanent improvements in your penis length and girth after a few months of daily usage of your penis pump. Before that, the increase in size will be temporary after each session.

Start with a reliable, gentle device

A common mistake that many men do when starting out with penis pumps is that they grab the most powerful device, get intimidated by its pressure, then drop their training altogether. Remember,” gradual but consistent” is better than” extreme and short-lived” in most aspects of life, including penis pumping. Start slow, get used to the vacuum workouts, then level up to a stronger device when you feel ready.

Expect some discomfort at the start

Penis pumps work by forming a significant vacuum inside the cylinder, meaning they literally” s**k” your penis. Contrary to how this sounds, the feeling is actually a bit intimidating—many men report that it’s even a bit unpleasant. However, it’s important to remember that this discomfort usually subsides after a few days of regular use, as you and your body get used to the suction power of your penis pump. As with regular workouts at your usual gym, some discomfort is imminent but it’s definitely worth the invested energy and time.

Penis Pump Indications

Penis pumps are available for purchase without a doctor’s prescription, but some men will benefit more than others from using this device. Here are the most common indications to using a penis vacuum:

  • A slight need for increase in size or girth
  • A desire to increase your current sexual performance, without any medical conditions
  • Mild to medium erectile dysfunction

Penis pumps can also be used as sex toys to increase the penis size before intercourse, but never use your penis vacuum as a masturbator. When used to masturbate, any penis pump (even the gentlest ones) can cause serious damage to the penis.

Penis Pump Contraindications

Although penis pumps are generally safe to use, there’s a small number or situations when you should avoid using them altogether.

  • Penis injuries (bruises, scratches, etc.)
  • Recent surgeries on the penis (avoid pumps for at least 6-8 months)
  • Current or suspected UTI infections

In most other cases, penis pumps should be harmless to use.

Penis Pump Side Effects and Safety Tips

In most cases, penis pumps don’t have any side effects at all. The quality of their materials, as well as the extensive research behind every design ensure that no side effects will be present in most men.

However, please remember that any kind of fresh injury on the penis (even slight scratches) may lead to bruises or even bleeding if present during your pumping session.

As a result, it’s highly recommended to carefully check your penis before putting on your vacuum device. This may take an extra 1-2 minutes, but the increase in safety you get from this simple procedure is definitely worth it.

The Final Verdict on Penis Pumps: How Effective Are They?

According to scientific studies and thousands of user reports, penis pumps are reliably effective in improving erectile function and potentially increase penis size. Here are a few excerpts from the research papers:

  • Vacuum pumps are effective in treating organic erectile failure (impotence)
  • Penis pumps are effective in relaxing and elongating the penis. When used as a pre-surgery strategy, penis pumps enhanced the surgical effectiveness of penis elongating therapy, as well as post-operative recovery
  • The success rate of penis pumps is close to 90% in men with erectile issues
  • Penile vacuum therapy is an effective method of recovery after radical prostatectomy, as it improves the blood flow to the penis and prevents loss of length after surgery

A quick reminder before you choose your penis pump

The popularity of penis vacuum therapy devices has been growing consistently for the last 10 years, and is expected to grow even further. As a result, many low-quality devices appeared on the market, offering outstanding results for unbelievably low prices. Don’t get fooled by these empty promises: these devices are not only ineffective, but also potentially dangerous for your sexual performance, masculinity, and fertility.

We recommend to stick exclusively to time-tested, reliable, and high-quality devices, as it is you confidence and sexuality that’s on stake. We did our bast to round up the 4 most effective penis vacuums currently available on the market, and we are confident that these options are the best choices to make in 99% of situations.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which is the best penis pump?

A: Each penis pump is unique. Read through the reviews and find the one that would work best for you. Also, if you have any underlying conditions with your sexuality, it is best that you seek the advice of a doctor before using any.

Q: Is the use of penis pumps safe?

A: To put this into perspective, think of how you exercise in order to build muscles and become healthier overall. A penis pump does the same thing to your penis. It is just a device that works out your junk and helps it grow, and it does so in a natural way.

Q: Do I need to avoid any lifestyle or habits while using penis pumps?

A: The functioning of penis pumps is very independent. However, engaging in a healthy lifestyle is always advisable if you want to end up in overall good health.

Q: Must I shave my pubic hair before using a penis pump?

A: While it is not a must for you to do so, it is highly advisable. That’s especially if you put the device too close to your balls. You do not want the device to snag and pull the hairs. It would be painful.

Q: Do I need to use lube while wearing a penis pump?

A: Generally, no penis pump is going to require you to use lube. If it does, it is going to be indicated on the user instructions. Most of the penis pumps discourage the use of lube to ensure the device does not slip out of position while you pump.

Q: How long do I have to use the penis pump before I see some results?

A: Penis pumps are designed to produce results immediately. People’s genetics are different though. Many penis pumps should be used for 10-20 minutes in a day. You should see some permanent results in a couple of weeks.

Q: Does the action of a penis pump hurt?

A: Wearing and using a penis pump should never hurt, so long as you are doing it correctly. You should always keep it in mind that a penis pump should be used while your penis if flaccid. If you experience in pain, you should discontinue use and seek advice or help.

Q: Are all penis pumps the same size?

A: Not all penis pumps are the same size. The best penis pumps are adjustable and customizable though. They come with mechanisms through which you can adjust the size.

Q: Are the results produced by a penis pump permanent?

A: If you get a good quality penis pump, the results produced are in most cases semi-permanent of permanent. That’s subject to you using the device correctly. In addition, it depends on your genetics, and your overall health.

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