4 Psoriasis Triggers That May Aggravate Your Symptoms In Winter

4 Psoriasis Triggers That May Aggravate Your Symptoms In Winter

Why Does Psoriasis Get Triggered In Winters?

4 Psoriasis Triggers That May Aggravate Your Symptoms In Winter : Psoriasis is a very unfortunate autoimmune disorder which can be genetic, triggered by bad lifestyle, poor and polluted environment and stress. Unfortunately, this disease does not have a permanent cure yet. The main symptoms of psoriasis are flake build up on the body. It can be in any part like scalp, hands, legs, neck, etc. There are certain triggers which aggravate it one of them being the harsh weather of winter season.

Hot Water

Hot water is used a lot in winters because of obvious reasons. But, hot water also dries out the skin and is harsh on sensitive skin. Try moisturising well after shower and keep your shower time short.

Dry Climate

Winter weather comprises of dry weather and harsh winds. Dry weather also dries out your skin. Humidity is the only thing that can keep psoriasis at bay so, naturally winter season can cause a flare up.

Lack Of UVB Exposure

UVB exposure is known to reduce psoriasis flare up. In winter season, the sun has very less UVB rays and our skin is also covered most of the time depriving it from the exposure that it needs

How Does UVB Stop Psoriasis Flare-Up?

UVB is known to stop the rapid growth of skin cells. The rapid growth of skin cells is what causes the flaky layers on the skin and scalp. Thus, the less time you spend in the sun, the more severe your flare-up may get.

How Can You Still Prevent Flare-Up In Winter?

We do not have much choice in clothing and sun exposure in winters. But, there are some things you can strictly maintain: Keep your shower time short, use lukewarm water if you can, get as much sun light as possible maybe once a week at least, stay in touch with your doctor, keep taking your medications and topical solutions, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, stay stress free and keep your skin hydrated.


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